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Frequently Asked Questions

Finances can seem daunting and overwhelming to many. At Cure Financial, we aim to make finances simpler and easier to understand, with our decades of knowledge and experience, and our straightforward, easy-to-follow advice.
While every client we work with is unique and has different concerns, we often hear many of the same questions related to financial planning. You can find answers to some of these common questions below.

What is a financial life plan? 

You’ve probably heard of financial plans before. These plans help to guide you in your financial decisions, from your debt payoff and savings plans to investment strategies and retirement advice. But what’s a financial life plan?

Client Centered

While similar, we combine the traditional financial plan with a deeper discussion of your long-term life goals. This “life planning” aspect of our service digs a little further into what you truly want to do with your retirement. This often includes discussing those daydreams you didn’t think could be achieved, and charting out a potential path that can strive to make them a reality.

A financial life plan is simply financial planning and life planning working together to create a more fulfilling retirement plan for you. Our plans are goal-focused, dreams-focused, and you-focused. They’re designed to get you to your own, personalized version of success, rather than driving you towards others’ definition of a successful life.

What services do you provide?

We offer a long, comprehensive list of services designed to support you on your financial journey, including portfolio management, insurance coverage, estate planning, personal finance planning, business planning and more. You can see our full list of services at the link below.

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How do you charge for your services?

The fees we charge are based on the exact services you need, and we offer several levels of support to help you find something that fits your unique needs and your budget. We always begin with our in-depth financial life planning process, for which we charge $2,500 up front. If you choose ongoing support and guidance with our financial team, our fees are usually based on a percentage of the assets we manage for you, which means we’re as invested in your success as you are.

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If I receive a financial plan, do I have to continue working with you?

You are under no obligation to continue working with Cure Financial after receiving your personalized financial life plan. We will provide you with a thorough, comprehensive financial plan via an online Wealth Portal. This portal and the snapshot of your plan will be available to you for a year after receiving your plan, even if you choose not to use our firm for ongoing wealth management services.

Does my financial plan need to be updated regularly?

Does my financial plan need to be updated regularly?

Of course! Life changes, and your financial plan should change with it. Exactly how often your financial plan needs to be adjusted will vary depending on your specific circumstances. In general, you should be reviewing and adjusting your financial plan every year. If you experience any large changes in your circumstances—such as birth, death, divorce, job loss, etc.—you should review your financial plan and adjust it accordingly as soon as possible. If you’re working with us for ongoing management of your financial life plan, we’ll conduct these reviews and adjustments with you every year.

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If you have any additional questions, we invite you to call or reach out to us. Our team is ready and willing to help answer any questions you might have.

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