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Financial Life Planning

Get more out of life with a financial life plan.

At Cure Financial, we believe that finances should be one of the resources you use to help you get to where you want to go. A structured, personalized financial plan can help you to take control of your finances and put your wealth to work for you.

What Is a Financial Life Plan?

You’ve probably heard of a financial plan before, but how does this differ from a financial life plan? We use this term to encompass two distinct types of planning that work together to get you towards your idea of retirement.

Client Centered

First is a traditional financial plan. This sets out the course that directs you towards retirement, including savings and investment goals that will allow you to continue living comfortably after you stop working.

We combine this service with a life plan, where we discuss with you the things you dream of doing in your retirement. This answers the question: “What are you retiring to?” Often, we find that many people focus on a financial plan that will simply allow them to not work, rather than finding a plan that allows them to truly live the way they want. We ask questions that allow us to delve deeper into your vision of retirement, discovering those dreams and aspirations that you may have never given voice to before, because you believed them to be out of reach.

This helps us create a life plan for you that goes beyond merely retiring from your career. Then, we get to work on developing a financial plan that works alongside your life plan. For many of our clients, financial life planning helps them find ways to pursue goals that they once believe to be an idle daydream. It could do the same for you.

A Long-Term Partner You Can Trust

We are a unique firm of professionals who are focused on creating tailored financial plans for our clients. With an experienced team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets, we aim to address your entire financial picture and coordinate all of your goals. We sit down with our clients to gather information about what will maximize their happiness in life and retirement, and then our team’s goal is to set the client on a course to pursue it.

Client Centered

In our client service menus, we have a list of services we provide our clients that is included in the fees you pay us. We do not only provide professional advice on financial matters, but we also incorporate life planning into your strategies. Our goal is to help you see the bigger picture of what you want to do with your time and gain financial freedom so that you are able to pursue a new passion, hobby, or dream. We hope to help you find purpose in your financial strategies, eliminate regret in your life in retirement, and maximize happiness.

We understand that you have spent your adult lifetime working towards your financial goals, and we want to help you pursue that. We try to refocus your mindset from building your assets to seeing what those accumulated assets can provide for your fulfillment. In all that we do, we aim to help you maximize the happiness in your life.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | 972-379-2323