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Our Planning Process

Take the first step towards a better future.

At Cure Financial, our process is designed to put your dreams at the forefront of your financial plan. We view the financial planning process as a journey—one that we take with you. The steps of our process are carefully designed to help you determine your vision for the future, break that vision down into achievable objectives, then create clear steps to follow along the way. Here’s how our process works.

Step 1
Introductory Meeting

We start every client relationship with a conversation, so that we can get to know you and you can start getting to know us. We’ll talk about your family and your career, while also getting a basic understanding of your finances, income sources, savings, and so on. We will discuss our process with clarity on what we will provide and what areas we focus on. With the information gathered in this meeting, we’ll determine together if it will be beneficial to proceed to the next step.

Step 2
Your Wealth Portal

The next step involves setting you up with a shared Wealth Portal. This is an online financial dashboard that you can use to monitor all of your investments in one spot; this includes retirement accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and more. For many people, this is the first time that you’ll be seeing our total net worth in a single location, which is incredibly beneficial as we proceed with your financial plan. Your Wealth Portal also provides a secure, encrypted location where you can safely store and access important documents like wills, POAs, financial statements, Social Security information, and more.

Step 3
Life Planning

While you add data to your Wealth Portal, we’ll be building a basic outline for your financial plan. Then, we’ll sit down with you again to talk more about how you envision your retirement. We often find that many people don’t really know what their exact goals are. Sure, you want to retire. Maybe you even know exactly when you want to retire. But what do you want to do in your retirement? Many look at retirement as not going to work, but there can be so much more to it than that: spending quality time with your children and grandchildren, traveling to places you’ve always dreamed of seeing, owning a vacation home in a favorite getaway spot, volunteering for causes you care about, and more.

This conversation will help you to get a better vision of exactly what your retirement will look like, and help us to get your plan more focused on your priorities for the future. Our goal is to not just get you to retirement, but to help you get more out of your retirement.

Step 4
Data Review

In this same meeting, we’ll also review your income sources, assets, and investments, and we’ll talk about how your different investments can impact your retirement. Then, we’ll go over the three basic spending categories during your retirement: Needs, Wants, and Wishes. Discussing these three categories and how they fit with your overall vision of retirement will help us with finalizing your personal plan.

Step 5
Your Personalized Plan

We’ll meet with you once more to discuss your risk tolerance to market volatility. At this point, we are able to run Monte Carlo simulations on your plan to determine the possible outcomes of certain events.  Then, if the probability of a desired outcome is too low or high, we can easily make adjustments showing the impact on retiring earlier, prioritizing your goals, or spending more or less on things.

Once you’re happy with the plan, we’ll finalize your recommended plan and add a snapshot of it to your Wealth Portal. This will include an overview of your recommended plan, results, and changes, as well as allowing you to make adjustments on your own.

Step 6
Options for Ongoing Management

Creating your financial plan is just the beginning of how we can help you retire comfortably and in the manner you envisioned. At this point, we’ll review with you how we can help you manage your wealth to ensure that your financial plan addresses your goals.  We offer a comprehensive list of wealth management services that can help you to pursue your desired outcome.  

A financial plan shouldn’t be stagnant; it should be fluid, able to change as your needs do. Cure Financial can monitor, adjust, and update your investments and your plan itself as markets shift or your personal circumstances change. We can also provide you with ongoing advice regarding how to improve your investments. 

If you choose not to establish a long-term relationship with us, you’ll still be able to access your Wealth Portal for up to a year after your financial plan has been finalized.

Take the First Step

Take the First Step

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a retirement that offers you more life, vibrancy, and joy than you’ve ever dared to imagine, contact Cure Financial today. We’ll help you to capture a clear vision of your retirement, then help get you on the path to pursue it.

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