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Alicia Stewart

Alicia Stewart

Insurance Services Specialist

Alicia has been in the financial industry for 22 years, working specifically with life insurance case design and case management. She received her Life, Health & Annuity Insurance Agent license in 2013 and is our Life Insurance Specialist at Cure Financial. Alicia loves the challenges that her job presents, and views designing cases as a puzzle, with the final picture being the best possible coverage for her clients.

Alicia has seen firsthand how having the right insurance coverage can protect a family in the wake of an unexpected tragedy. She’s seen it ensure that surviving children can go to college, and widows can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. But she’s also seen the other side of the coin: how a lack of the right insurance can drastically impact people’s lives.

In addition to being an agent herself, Alicia also provides support and training to our other agents. She’s the backbone that helps to keep the insurance side of things running smoothly at Cure Financial, and she embraces the role of teacher with agents and clients alike.

Alicia grew up in Phoenix, AZ, and now resides in Allen, TX, with her husband, Gary. They have two sons, both of them are married, and a total of five grandchildren. Her family is at the heart of all she does, and she loves cooking large, comforting meals for those she loves. Italian food is her specialty, and she’ll take just about any opportunity she can to cook for others.

She’s very active and involved in her church, as well as the GO Women Bible Study group in her community. Alicia has a loving, compassionate heart, and also serves in many volunteer capacities, including the Samaritan Inn and Hope for the Homeless.

* Alicia is not affiliated with Royal Alliance Associates